Flying Web Radio

Dear friends

.. please rate us at our page on FB:  Flying web Radio. Its a pleasure for us to have your remarks as a feedback.

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Dear listeners….

… enjoy your choices, every Thursday from 20:00 to 24:00. (Songs that you post everyday in our Facebook Group: Flying WebRadio)

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Dear passengers….

….. fasten your seatbelts.

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About Flying Web Radio

Flying Web Radio welcomes you. It is so nice having you on board. Music is an attitude in life. So we believe that music, is the medicine for our souls, for our minds.
We love music…
…because music sends you all the vibes you need to be more calm, more excited, more happy. Our music trip will be exciting. Lots of our passengers will remember or discover new rhythms and melodies. Songs that we love to hear and dance. Songs that we prefer to cry. Music never ends.

Please fasten your seatbelts…

“Sky and Music have no limits”

We are located in shiny and beautiful Athens-Greece. You can hear us online at 24h/7d and you can make a shortcut, at your smartphone’s home screen!

Enjoy this music trip!!!!

You enjoy Flying Web Radio music and want to embed our player to your site? You are welcomed! Totally free! No strings attached! Use the form below and we will provide you the necessary HTML5 code. Have a look here